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Date : 27-09-2017

Tooth decay is the problem of every child as children often have thinner and softer hard outer layer of teeth (enamel) on their baby teeth which easily got affected by outer environment or bacteria. However, tooth decay is treatable.

Tooth Decay in Children due to Acid Production

The main cause of tooth decay in children is acid production. When children eat food and drinks that contain sugars, bacteria (mutans streptococci) which is present in the mouth feed that sugar and produce acid.

This acid damages the outer surface of the teeth. If bacteria are permitted to grow there, it can generate many other problems such as holes in teeth, dental abscesses (pus formation) or gum disease.

Aftereffects of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay in children causes:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Grey, black, or brown spots
  • Sour taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath

Tooth Decay Treatments for children

It is recommended to consult with the dentist regularly. The process of treating tooth decay is cheaper and easier, so it is good to get treated tooth decay as early as possible. Different  kinds of treatment available for tooth decay in children are:

  • Apply the fluoride gel coating on the teeth
  • Filing or crown the tooth hole
  • Root canal treatment
  • Replace the tooth with a partial denture
  • Developing a Bridge
  • Tooth implant

Prevention of Tooth Decay in Children

Some of the prevention habits are:

  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Low intake of sugary and starchy food and drinks
  • Take proper care of teeth and gums
  • Avoid use of alcohol or smoking

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