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  • Kids Dental Clinic In Kerala
Dr. Renju Anil

Dr. Renju Anil

Dr. Renju Anil graduated from Calicut University.

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Dental Care for Children

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay also known as dental caries or cavities is one of the most pervasive of all oral diseases. Children and adults alike can be affected with cavities. Several bacteria reside in the oral cavity some good and some harmful. It is the harmful bacteria that initiate the process of decay. Infection develops due to acid secretion that corrodes the enamel and causes decay of the tooth.

Discoloured tooth

A discoloured or stained tooth has an abnormal translucency or hue due to direct or indirect factors. Staining can be external (extrinsic) or internal (intrinsic). When stains accumulate on the surface of the tooth, it is known as extrinsic discolouration. And when the pigmentation is absorbed into the structure of the tooth it is known as intrinsic staining

Sensitive Teeth

The sensitivity of tooth occurs due to the gradual exposure of the dentin which is the softer part of the tooth located beneath the tooth enamel. Tiny tubules that lead to the dentin are filled with fluid. When the patient consumes hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks, there is fluid movement in the nerves which react in a response. The individual experiences a sharp

Gum Disease

Gum disease is common among adults in Our country. Many adults presently display some form of the disease, which varies from uncomplicated inflammation of the gums to acute infection that causes significant damage to the soft tissue and bone that undergird the teeth. In the most severe cases, loss of teeth may occur, but gum

Bad Breath

Chronic and continuous bad breath is known as halitosis. Mouth washes and mouth fresheners do not easily resolve the problem. Halitosis originates from the tongue and gums as an odour released by the bacterial wastes that settle in the mouth, decayed food particles, poor oral hygiene and debris present in the mouth. A compound of sulfur is generated that emits

Habit Correction

When an action is repetitively and automatically carried out it is deemed as a habit. There are many oral habits such as finger biting, thumb sucking, finger sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking, lip biting, breathing through the mouth, bruxism etc. that can cause detrimental consequences on the dentoalveolar structures. Some habits depending on the intensity, degree and action

Teething Problems

A babys first tooth appears anywhere between 4 months to 10 months of age. The tooth erupts through the gums cutting it a process medically called odontiasis. The child experiences teething symptoms prior to the eruption of the teeth. Where generally the first tooth eruption occurs at about 6 months of age, there are also cases of early and late teethers

Developing Skeletal Problems of Face

Facial skeletal deformity occurs during birth when there is a complexity or distortion of the mandibular or maxillary growth. The patient suffers from severe bruxism, crowding of teeth, dental deformity, and difficulties in mastication or chewing. If the condition is left untreated,

Emergency Care for Children

Tooth Ache Treatment In Thrissur

Tooth Ache

Treatment for abscess in children kerala

Treatment of abscess, swelling,
space infections

Broken  Teeth treatment in children kerala

Broken Tooth

Milktooth problems

Knocked Out Milktooth/ Permanent Tooth

Cut or bitten tooth treatment kerala

Cut or Bitten Tounge, Lip or

Broken Jaw Treatment Kerala

Possible Broken Jaw


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