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Bleeding After a Baby Tooth Falls Out

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By the time your child reaches the age of three year all her/his baby teeth should be up and in business. But it wouldn't be last for long as his /her permanent teeth will start to rear their little white heads. The rearing of the permanent teeth and falling of baby teething is a natural process and it should be handle with care as it can cause severe dental problems for your child.

Typically a baby tooth fallen after the permanent tooth below it takes it place by pushing out the baby teeth. But in several case it is also possible for baby tooth to fall before the permanent tooth pushes out the baby teeth because of an accident or dental disease. In these type of situation it should be advised by the pediatric dentist to put a custom fit plastic placeholder in the baby tooth place to make it ready for the adult tooth to emerge as it can prevent future problems like disorientation of tooth and other dental problems.

If your childs baby tooth started to fall you should encourage he or she to gently wiggle the wobbly tooth in some cases loose teeth can be actually rotated as the root may degenerated completely. You should take care of the child and remind him/her not to yank the tooth before it is ready to fall its own as it can make broken tooth and broken tooth can be more vulnerable to infection and thus cause cause toothache and other dental issues.

As the baby tooth removal does result in bleeding there are some simple strategies you employ to take care of the problems quickly. Here are things you should take care when you child start bleeding after a baby tooth fallout.

  • Lets nature to take it course : usually baby teeth fall out causes a minor bleeding it should be better if you leave the tooth clot by itself.
  • Make him/her to quick rinse and spit with cool water immediately after the fall out. It can clear the mouth of blood But don't make him/her to continue with that as you want to help a clot form, not wash it away
  • Apply a clean cotton over the bleeding for a fifteen minutes
  • If the bleeding not stopped after fifteen minutes and place a gauze pad as before and contact a dentist .

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