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Though Brushing are the best way to prevent Cavities it is not an easy way to clean every nook and corner of your teeth- particularly the teeth in the back which we use for chewing which are called molars. Molars are rough and difficult to be cleaned by brushing and a favourite place for bacteria and leftover food to hide and thus causing cavities.

There is another method to keep those teeth clean which is called the sealants are materials Placed in the cavities to fill them in, creating a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Dental sealant are mostly used for childrens who are having high risk of tooth decay. Even though the sealant are not an alternative to brushing but they can keep away from forming the cavities and even stop the early decays to forming full brown cavities.

Sealants can reduce the risk of decay upto 80 % in molars. This is very important when it has an effect your childs health.

Sealants act as a raincoat for your teeth. When your leftover food meets the teeth they produce acid and creates holes in your teeth. Sealants stop these left over food dumping into your tooth and thus preventing cavities.Sealing the sealants with your tooth can save your time and money in the long run.

With the exception of some minor allergies there arent any side effect for sealant. Fixation of sealant is a quick and painless process where your doctor will fix a acidic gel only after cleaning. This gel rough up between your tooth and a strong bond forms between your tooth and sealant and after few second the doctor will dry up and clean your tooth and apply the sealants to the grooves of your tooth. After that the dentist will hardens the sealant with a blue light and sealant job is done.

Sealant will last around 10 years and considering the benefits and protection that provide Sealant are the better option for your child health.

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