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Dietary counseling provides individualizing nutritional care for encouraging modification of food habits. Appropriate nutrition plays an important role in dental health. A healthy teeth requires a healthy diet with necessary vitamins and minerals. If you consumes food with sugar and sweetened soft drinks can make damages in your tooth as it is the sole reason for tooth decay. Food that contain sugar of any kind can contribute to tooth decay . To control the sugar content in your food and beverage check and read the ingredient label before you goes for it. Common sources for the sugar in the diet are soft drinks, candies, cookies and pastries.

Like the food you should awoid your diet also should contain some minerals like calcium and iron. If your diet lacks certain nutrients, it may be more difficult for tissues in your mouth to resist the infection. The resultant of this issues are the mouth infection and gum diseases. Several gum disease are the major cause for the tooth loses in adults.

For healthy teeth and gums you should follow some healthy diet. There are a few things you can take care for having a good oral health. Keep these tips in your mind when choosing snacks and meals.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat variety of foods from each of the following groups
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Whole grains
    • Leans sources of proteins like beef, fish and dry beans
    • Low fat and fat free dairy foods.
    • Avoid the sugary foods.

Limits the number of snacks you eat if you eat snacks try to eat something that is healthy like fruits, vegetables or a piece of cheese. Foods that are eaten as a part of meal are less harm than food eat between the meals because more saliva is released during a meal and as saliva washouts the mouth and lessens the effects of acids which can harm teeth and cause cavities.

For good health and pleasant smile always maintain a strict dental health as it can be a good asset in your life.

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