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The general anesthesia is a state of unconsciousness and loss of reflexes which induced medically by the administrating the general anesthetic methods. There are a lot of medicines which are used for the general anesthesia with the aim to ensure unconsciousness ,amnesia, analgesia,loss of reflexes of the autonomic nervous system. The optimal dosage of drugs the anesthesia is usually fixed by a anaesthetist or nurse.

The anesthetic agent used for anesthesia have the following after effect.

  • Amnesia - after anesthesia patients are unable to remember things.
  • Patients should be unarousable to even slight pain and pressure.
  • Cardiovascular changes happens in the patient body after due the secondary depressant effects of anesthetic agents.
  • Muscle paralysis

Advantages of the general anesthesia are the following.

  • Reduces intraoperative patient awareness and recall
  • Allows proper muscle relaxation for prolonged periods of time
  • Facilitates complete control of the airway, breathing, and circulation
  • Can be used in cases of sensitivity to local anesthetic agent
  • Can be administered without moving the patient from the supine position
  • Can be adapted easily to procedures of unpredictable duration or extent
  • Can be administered rapidly and is reversible

Disadvantages of general anesthesia include the following :

  • Requires increased complexity of care and associated costs
  • Requires some degree of preoperative patient preparation
  • Can induce physiologic fluctuations that require active intervention
  • Associated with less serious complications such as nausea or vomiting, sore throat, headache, shivering, and delayed return to normal mental functioning
  • Associated with malignant hyperthermia, a rare, inherited muscular condition in which exposure to some (but not all) general anesthetic agents results in acute and potentially lethal temperature rise, hypercarbia, metabolic acidosis, and hyperkalemia

Follow these instructions to avoid the complecation after anesthesia as it relaxes the muscles in your digestive tract and airway that keep food and acid from your stomach to your lungs.

Instructions are following.

  • Avoid aspirin and other over the counter blood thinners before and after the anesthesia.
  • If you have diabetes talk your doctor about any changes in the medication during fasting.
  • If you have sleep problem discuss the condition with your doctor.
  • Avoid vitamins and herbal remedies like garlic,ginseng and other which cause complication in the surgery.

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