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Zirconia crown

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A crown is a type of dental treatment where the dental restoration is done by a completely capping or encircling of the tooth. Crown are usually needed if the cavities are large in size and which threatens the health of the tooth. Usually crown are bounded with the tooth using a dental cement. Crown are used to increase the strength of the teeth. Crown are also effective in improving the appearance of your teeth. There are a lot of material used for crown but the most chosen material for dental crown are zirconia.

The main advantage of zirconia crown are following :-

  • It is eminently tough
  • It can withstand tear and wear
  • It is translucent
  • Needed minimum tooth removal
  • No need of metal use
  • It can modifiable to different shape,size and color
  • It is biodegradable

The most important advantage of zirconium crown are its aesthetic effect. Zirconium crown are having a natural feeling which make your smile natural and beautiful. The important thing to note is that the capacity of the zirconium to be modified to according to the set of teeth. Zirconium tooth not only replace a tooth but also it can shaped so that it will look better than the natural teeth which it is replacing with. This way you can have a perfect natural smile anytime. Zirconium manufacturers are now producing and designing dental crown which are custom milled from solid block of material and baked at ultra high temperature to ensure the complete finishing of the teeth. SInce it is biocompatible there is no need to worry that tooth is rejected by the human body.

As zirconium crown are created from the material which milled from a group of crystal, these crown are guaranteed to be at least 5 times stronger than other materials like porcelain and other metal fuse. Another important advantage of zirconium over porcelain is that it can provide strength without a bulky appearance.

The price of the zirconium tooth are varied depending on the country and dentist. Usually zirconium crown are affordable considering the aesthetic and dental effect it provides.

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