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The sensitivity of tooth occurs due to the gradual exposure of the dentin which is the softer part of the tooth located beneath the tooth enamel. Tiny tubules that lead to the dentin are filled with fluid. When the patient consumes hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks, there is fluid movement in the nerves which react in a response. The individual experiences a sharp and shooting pain. The most common causes of sensitivity of the tooth are :

Gum disease : also known as gingivitis leads to inflammation and soreness of the gum tissue. Periodontitis worsens gum disease and damages supporting bone tissues of the teeth. This causes receding of gums which exposes the dentin leading to sensitivity.

Grinding teeth : Clenching teeth or grinding teeth during the night can wear down the enamel exposing the dentin under it and leading to sensitive teeth.

Brushing : When an individual brushes immediately after bulimia or GERD, then it can soften the enamel making it vulnerable. Vigorous brushing can lead to receding gums and further exposing the dentin.

Tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity affects the exposed tooth root surfaces. The enamel of the tooth gets thinner with the recession of the gums and exposing the dentin.



When teeth are sensitive activities such as brushing, drinking and eating can cause sharp pain in the tooth. Dr. Renju identifies, examines and rules out any underlying causes of the tooth pain before administering treatment for sensitive teeth. She recommends the following treatments:

Desensitizing toothpaste: The tooth paste can block pain after a few applications Fluoride application: Applying fluoride can strengthen teeth and restore enamel thus reducing pain Surgical gum graft: Lost gum tissue from the root can also cause tooth sensitivity; in such a case tissue is removed from elsewhere to replace the affected area thus reducing sensitivity Root canal: When other treatments fail, root canal treatments that aim at treating the root pulp is carried out to eliminate sensitivity of the tooth; this is one of the most effective treatments Call Dr. Renju to know more about treatments for sensitive teeth.

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