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Toothache is the pain in tooth cause by Abscessed tooth, Tooth decay, Cavities in the tooth, infected gums. Damaged filling, Repetitive notion such as chewing gum or grinding teeth and tooth fracture.

Symptoms of the toothache are Swelling around the tooth,it may be fever or headache, foul-tasting drainage from the tooth which are infected, or it may be cause tooth pain which are sharp, throbbing or constant. In some people tooth pain only results when pressure is applied to the tooth.

At what stage you should see a dentist?

Like all other dental issues toothache should be consulted by a dentist. It should be a better practice if you can consult your dentist as soon as possible if these conditions are occurring

  • You have a toothache which lasting longer than 1 or 2 days
  • Heavy swelling around the teeth
  • You are having a severe toothache

Proper identification and treatment of the tooth pain is important as it would cause dangerous effects by spreading infections to other part of pace , skull and even blood streams.

How Dentist treat Toothache ?

The first this your dentist will do is to obtain your medical history and he/she will conduct a physical examination. Dentist will enquiry you about the pain , like when the pain started, duration of the pain, how severe it is, the location of the pain, what makes the pain worse and what makes it better. After that he or she will examine your oral parts like teeth,gum,jaws,throat,ear,noses and neck. If it is necessary dentist should take an x-ray image of the oral parts as well as other tests, depending on the what dentist suspec tis causing your toothache.

How Toothache can be prevented ?

Since the most common cause for the toothache are tooth decay it should be necessary for you to keep your personal dental hygiene consisting of flossing , regular brushing with fluoride containing toothpastes and rinsing once or twice a day. In addition to these practices try to eat food with low sugar and ask the dentist about the sealants and fluoride applications

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