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Though our teeth are arranged in as specific manner to optimise it function and oral health teeth are almost never completely naturally perfect. THis results in the problems with chewing,speaking and esthetics.

Malocclusion or Bad Bite is the common orthodontic problem is often a genetic problem. Bad bite can also by other reasons like poor oral hygiene, abnormal swallowing, thumb or finger sucking, the late or early loss of baby teeth, accidents or poor nutrition. Trauma or other medical conditions such as birth defects can also cause to orthodontic problems.

There is no age to affect the orthodontic problems in fact it can occur to anyone. Parents should know what are the dental problem can your child may have and whether an orthodontist can help your child. It is best to treat the orthodontist issues at the very early age as it can prevent the problems do persist in your childs future.

Here are the common orthodontic problems many people and what parents can look for.

  • Crowding of teeth : Over crowding of teeth is the common issue that occurs in adults and children. Crowding of teeth occurs when there is not enough room for all of the teeth in its place. Overcrowding teeth can make it difficult to clean and causes tooth decay and other dental problem in the future.
  • Buck teeth : Buck teeth or Rabbit teeth occurs when the upper jaw grows too much and stick out the lower jaw does not grow as much as the upper jaw. Protuted teeth can be cute for some persons but usually they are unattractive and prone to damage caused by accidents.
  • Underbite : Underbite occurs when the lower jaw outgrows the upper jaw. This is very common teeth mismatching and cause some issue and chewing problems. Underbite can easily treated by an orthodontist. Overbites being treated in teenage years are much easier and effective.
  • Overbite : This orthodontic problem is where the upper jaw bites down too far over the lower jaw and bite into the lower gum. This is also a risk factor for increased tooth wear and gum damage.

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