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Oral sedation or known as anesthesia is a medical procedure where the drugs are administered to relieve the patient's fear and anxiety. Oral sedation is one of the methods of dental sedations along with inhalation sedation and conscious intravenous sedation. Drugs used for sedations and dosage are prescribed by dentist carefully considering the patient's safety. Dentist may recommend sedation for long,complex procedures and for patients who are especially young and nervous. Sedation process is very safe process and it would be recommended to parents to help reduce the risks and stress level of children during the time of sedation and after the treatment.

Usually oral sedation is taken by mouth and in some cases are through noses. Oral sedation gives to the patient as soon as he or she arrives at the appointment and by average the medicine take around 20 minutes to work. Oral sedation does not makes the patients sleep but it makes them calm and relaxed.

Another method of sedation is nitrous oxide or laughing gas sedation where a mask delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide or laughing gas and make the patients to relaxes and experiences euphoric feelings after a duration of 5 minutes. At the end of the treatment pure oxygen is given to clear out any remaining nitrous oxides.

There are few advantages of oral sedation than other method of sedations. Here are the few advantages .

  • Oral sedation is to administrate
  • It is effective
  • There is no need of needles involved
  • It is low cost compare to other sedation methods
  • It has amnesic effect

Usually after the procedure patients are given the softs food to check whether patient experiencing any trauma or other conditions like vomiting, severe pain, severe bleeding or fever if he or she had experienced it is recommended to consult the dentist immediately. Dental sedation is a simple and safe process with the apt preparation and proper care after its done. By communication with the dentist in regular interval you will provide the best possible experience for your dental care.

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